booking procedure

Booking process for any service starts from a deposit of 50$. This symbolic fee proves that you accept our terms, prices and ready for cooperation.

I share unique, private and reserved information, give recommendations, offer ideas and dedicate my time. So when you make a payment you become a real client and we start working. I contact you by email, WhatsApp or Telegram and discuss details. We will agree service you request, dates, time, place, I give recommendations and provide any other information.
Deposit is not a separate payment, it will be deducted from total price when you take a service. So you don’t pay any extra.

Before bringing 50$ fee please learn the terms, prices and make sure you accept it.


– I provide only real photos. Not similar – 100% real! This is a very private information so I will send it to you personally by whatsApp or Telegram after deposit.

– We have high standards for girls beauty and communication. Girls are always in a good shape, well groomed, young and beautiful. Most of them speak good English, are well educated and friendly. So don’t worry to see not beautiful or not friendly girls.

– Girls are working freelance. So please choose several preferred girls and I will check their availability for your particular request. Of course if you order in advance there is more chance to meet the one you like most.

– For travel companionship you cover all travel expenditures including flights, transfers, accommodation and meals

– Payment should be always done at the beginning of your date. You can pay cash or make online transfer

– If you’re a new client I can ask you for video call to establish more trust


Tourist Caring

I will give you appropriate consulting on activities, places and specialists

After agreeing details I will organize the service for you

Thank you for studying our terms. It was created strictly on a basis of the years of experience. Hope you find it fair and we will enjoy cooperation.

Also please fill the FORM with information about you and your request. It will make our cooperation more easy and prosperous.